classic, ironic and eclectic

A harmonious patchwork of materials, shapes and expressions, every collection is defined by proportion, fantasy and by a meticulous search for finishings and fine essences, revisited with a contemporary take, providing the whole concept with eccentric visions and ironic interpretations to combine the long Italian tradition in the field of wood manufacturing with well-advanced techniques in the field of finishings, that Fratelli Boffi has explored for years in order to convey a personal and original conception of design and the world of furniture.

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Fratelli Boffi offers a wide selection of items ranging from wardrobe storage solutions, boiserie, and bookcases to complements and lamps, from the functionality of sideboards to the comfort of sofas and armchairs; furthermore, ottomans and benches, a selection of coffee tables, dining tables, chairs, armchairs, and stools, as well as practical desks and consoles to organize spaces elegantly and functionally.

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The contract division of Boffi continues to refine itself, especially in high-level international projects. Here, by reaffirming its cultural, historical, and artisanal identity, along with the concept of quality, which is a distinctive characteristic of the company, it adapts almost with a tailoring approach to the customer's needs. The result is the creation of comprehensive projects, true total looks.

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Sculpted forms inspired by classicism, but revisited with a modern take, are the leitmotiv of Fratelli Boffi. The old cabinet-making tradition and the handcraft experience of the company give life to a wide range of products where materials and forms are the absolute leaders: a collection of furniture that responds to contemporary comfort, while remaining modernly functional, despite detaching itself from the precious legacy of tradition.

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Timeless Pieces

Immerse yourself in the world of timeless pieces. The visionary ideas of renowned Italian and international designers merge with the craftsmanship of Fratelli Boffi, highlighting the deep connection between iconic design and artisanal art.

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