Fratelli Boffi

Experts in the art of wooden furniture, Fratelli Boffi skillfully harmonize the refined
tradition of cabinetmaking and craftsmanship with an ironic and eclectic aesthetic.


Our high-end furniture enriches the spaces in a contemporary yet luxurious way. While the style is rooted in the classical, we simultaneously revolutionize antiquated solemnity with a touch of irony and eclecticism. Always mindful to costumers needs and today's challenges, we aim to preserve craftsmanship in this modern age, creating unique and timeless pieces.


Tradition and research

In over 100 years of activity, we have deepened our
knowledge through continuous analysis of design,
materials, and technological developments.

Creativity and eclecticism

The courage to experiment fuels
the creativity of designers and architects
o create unique pieces.

High quality product

It’s the ultimate goal of
the production process and
the value that drives our craft.

A story of passion, tradition and family since 1928

The artisanal history of Fratelli Boffi begins at the beginning of the 20th century with Luigi Boffi. In Lentate sul Seveso, Brianza, Luigi meets the French carvers, masters of Baroque furniture in the style of Louis XV and Louis XVI. He acquires mastery in the art of cabinetmaking, a passion and tradition that he passes on to his son Carlo.

With his brothers Angelo and Giovanni, in 1928, 'Fratelli Boffi, fu Luigi' is born in memory of their father. The contribution of the three brothers to the territory is remarkable, so much so that alongside furniture production, they establish a carving school. The workshop is therefore a starting point and meeting place that directly contribute to laying the foundations for the company that is now 'Fratelli Boffi'.

Carlo's sons, Federico, Roberto, and Michele, transform the respectable workshop into a real company in 1948. They push trade beyond national borders, beginning a long collaboration with European and American companies.

In 1968, a new headquarters is built to support the expansion of the company. In the 1980s, style contaminations and collaborations with design avant-gardes begin.

For almost a century, the company has been driven by a deep passion and a solid artisanal tradition. Currently, the company possesses two strong identities. The first is dedicated to research and experimentation, fueling the creativity of designers and architects to create high-quality collections and furnishings. The second asserts itself with authority in the world of contract, with "tailormade" projects, leveraging the experience gained over the years.


The origins

At the end of the 1920s, Luigi Boffi's original workshop was renewed by his son Carlo. He created with his brothers Angelo and Giovanni the "Fratelli Boffi, fu Luigi", an artisanal activity focused on one of the most classic and traditional crafts of Brianza: carving and furniture in the style of Luigi XV, XVI, and Baroque.


The social value

It's not just work for the Boffi family: it's passion, sharing, and above all, friendship. The three brothers, popularly recognized as wood sculptors, give life to the carving school. The workshop thus assumes significant social value by providing employment, teaching the art of carving, and preserving the Baroque tradition.


A solid reality

Occupied by a dozen carvers, the carving school transforms into a solid reality. It is a starting point for the training of new artisans who actively participate in the transformation of the workshop into a real company.


The international turning point

A new era of synergistic collaborations is on the horizon. The new generation, the three brothers Federico, Roberto, and Michele, is pushing beyond national borders, starting to work with an increasingly international market. A new era begins for 'Fratelli Boffi'.


Travels to America

A long-lasting collaboration is born with the Danbi Company, a US-based company of that time. Raw and disassembled chair frames, meticulous craftsmanship, sculpted and pierced furnishings are inspired by Dior's 'new look' and his 'flower woman'


The department stores

It's the beginning of that autonomous style that still distinguishes the company today. New materials and techniques (solid wood, lacquering, upholstery, etc.) reveal a refined and international soul that promotes partnerships with the major European and American department stores (Harrods, Bloomingdale’s, Nordiska Kompaniet).


The new headquarter

The new headquarters at Viale Industria No. 5 in Lentate sul Seveso is inaugurated. The family company expands, and the children Alberto, Marco, and Roberta join the business. New ideas begin to influence the company's classic style.


The design avant-gardes

The contaminations multiply, and the desire for exploration pervades the company. Collaborations with design avant-gardes begin. Music, colors, and eclecticism forge a new style for Fratelli Boffi. A new interpretation of the classic style.


The Contract Division

The company's contract division collaborates in the development and creation of large projects such as hotels, private homes, villas, residences, or offices worldwide, also with tailor-made products.


Artisan craftsmanship

These objects represent the starting point of a process of bringing together and relating design with artisan craftsmanship. A process that Ugo La Pietra initiated in the early 1980s, developing it through dozens of exhibitions and theorizing it through the direction of several magazines. These furniture pieces can be considered as 'the manifesto' of that movement linked to neo-eclecticism, which was defined as 'Classic-Contemporary'.


New contaminations

Versatility and sustainability, a taste for unusual colors, and the search for a 'conventional' yet personalized harmony lead to objects where detail and its care are essential. The necessary technological development is always supported by expert craftsmanship tradition.


Innovators in tradition

The audacious art of refined provocation, the inventiveness of designers combined with the company's continuous sense of exploration merge functionality and aesthetics. The LUI 5 armchair retraces the history of the company, representing a typical furnishing of the early 20th century, reimagined in a futuristic look.


D/Vision1 awarded at the Salone del Mobile

Fratelli Boffi wins the prestigious 'Salone del Mobile Milano Award' with D/Vision1. The trumeau designed by Ferruccio Laviani wins the 'Best Product in the xLux Sector' category.


The Good Vibrations at Louvre

Asymmetric yet maintaining a purity of lines and original codes, classic and audacious: Good Vibrations. Designed by Ferruccio Laviani, the storage unit, which defies any definition and label due to its uniqueness, has entered the permanent collection of the 'Musée des Arts Décoratifs de Paris (MAD)'.


Gothik a Louvre

Fratelli Boffi once again captures the heart of the Louvre Museum, as the Gothik/A cabinet joins its exhibition “Iris van Herpen. Sculpting the Senses”.

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